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Yeah Falcon Power brand is a scam. I work at pilot truck stops as a contractor and I got ripped off by the white van scam (speaker guys) and then today a red truck pulls up looking legit and says the equipment is worth $15,000 plus and will sell for $6,000 because his boss needs it gone.

So, I do my research and come to find out its junk Chinese made *** worth almost nothing! Thank god it already happened to me before and I knew better.

These people are out here ripping hard working people off because there too lazy to get real jobs! We shouldn't import from china anymore they are too shady and wont even let us import but very little to there country.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of falcon power industrial generator. Falcon Power Industrial needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I have just purchased one, and hoping it will do a decent job. From the reviews, its hard to tell if the negative ones are sincere or just trying to kill a product ( for their products sake) I will comment once I pick it up and try it out!!


Is THEIR country THERE or is it here? Maybe over THERE.

It's THEIR business. Most Honda's are made here in the U.S.

but the company is headquartered in JAPAN, NOT CHINA. THERE is nothing left about THEIR junk, so THERE YOU GO.


Well I already knew it was from China because who else makes Honda??? So I don't get what part of the deal is a scam.

Maybe you are having a bad day.

My husband loves his early Christmas presents. God Bless...


I am very sorry to hear you had an unhappy interaction with a distributor of Falcon Power. In today's world where every major small engine manufacturer(Subaru, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton and Honda) has relocated their assembly lines to China it is important that we stay competitive with the evolving market place.

Our extremely diverse company employs dozens of people including armed forces veterans who care deeply about their families, each other, and their customers. We would love for this gentleman to call us back with any further questions or concerns at (877)210-8289.

Our EGSA-Certified service technician (with over 20 years of experience) would be happy to give him a lengthy dissertation about the capabilities of our engines that he was originally inquiring about. Also, we would be happy to give any of our customers a tour of either of our corporate offices, which include 10-thousand square foot warehouses in Round Rock, TX and Johnson City, NY.

to Fal***Power #1147050

Odd when I was approached it was supposedly all Koehler power when I looked up the company in round rock TX BBB there was no listing of it. It appears to be a scam and luckily the red "oil fill" plug in the top of the compressor that was light molded plastic tipped me off that it was truly junk.

And the almost plastic parts on the pump. It's impressive it cranks but I doubt it would last long. Glad I didn't fall for $5000 scam something told me it was way to good to be true a guy shows up in my driveway trying to unload. $20k of stuff for $5k.

Yea right. BS

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